The Alignment Of The Performance Management Framework

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If Landslide Limousine wants to have any sort of success in the long run, managing the performance of employees will be a necessary part of the management team. In order for Landslide Limousines to define the right job skills needed by their workers, a strong job analysis and organizational philosophy must be established. In this paper I will discuss the alignment of the performance management framework, the performance philosophy, the job analysis that will be used to identifying skills the right skills needed to do the job, the process for strengthening skill gaps, and lastly the process for giving effective performance feedback. Alignment of the Performance Management Performance appraisals are one of the…show more content…
It is designed to help individuals accomplish their goals, and strive for excellence. Job Analysis To adequately perform an analysis of someone’s job, considering the necessary skills for that job title is the normally the first step. Individuals can understand what the important tasks of the job are by analyzing the job. The job analysis should describe the work duties of the particular job, the qualifications and also the exact nature of the work. Taking Landslide Limousines, limousine drivers are expected to chauffeur clients to a particular destination. The nature of the job would be sitting for periods of time along with some lifting, knowing how to drive larger vehicles, and navigate to a particular destination. Determining qualifications for each position consider the experience, education, and ability. Creating job description will specify certain standards for a particular position. Identify critical skills and rate them. Methods for Measuring Employee Skills There are several different methods used when measuring employee skills when coming to performance appraisals but the best method is by simply stating what will be needed of the employee and how they can gain those skills and also a time frame that the
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