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The American Dream

The American Dream isn't always a spouse of the opposite gender , kids, and a home. Although this may be for many ,for an immigrant is otherwise. Many latinos from Mexico, Central America, South America, have migrated to the United States in search for opportunities. The american dream is the belief that anyone regardless of where they were born can attain their own version of success.

Generation after Generation people around the world have migrated to the United States in search for the American Dream.The American dream not only attracts hispanics but many people around the world. It attracts those who want to achieve the life that the United States has promise to anyone who is willing to work hard. America has been viewed positively around the world, people view it as a place filled with hope and opportunity, the home of the American Dream, yet our government makes us think otherwise about our country. It is ironic that white americans go ignoring the importance of the American Dream, but when a Latin American goes for it , he or she is struck down, being blamed for taking all the jobs. Perhaps people like our president ,Donald Trump, propose to build a wall expecting to find a solution, kicking out all the illegal families even if it means breaking up families. Making us think otherwise about the american dream, for the immigrants not wanting to make their lives better. Yet these generations will

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