The American Model Of Research Oriented Education

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American universities are the world’s best, producing excellent academic research and developing new technologies used across the globe. For this reason, universities of other countries have attempted to adapt their structure and approach to mirror the American model. Whether by adopting the American model of research-oriented education or by implementing mass higher education (as opposed to education for the elites), other nations are seeking to create world-class universities. This has created a global demand for college education where any university can potentially attract students from around the world. As such, colleges have become veritable cultural hubs of globalization, aggressively searching abroad for applicants and adapting organizational structures and images to better compete with the growing number of universities entering the international scene.
These universities, however, were not originally designed for the middle class which they now serve. The roots of the American model grew out of the European model during colonial times. It was the early American settlers who brought with them the Oxbridge model in the 17th century. The American system distinguished itself by adopting the German research model and blending it with the English approach ( “Excellence v equity,” 3). Top institutions like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale surfaced as drivers of this model and both public and private universities adopted the model as well. On a global level, these centers of
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