The Article ' Who 's Of Charge, Covers Jim Davis 's Career Experiences At Hereford National Bank

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The article “Who’s in Charge” covers Jim Davis’s career experiences at Hereford National Bank. He was taken from a position at a different company where he was very unhappy and put in to a position at the bank with essentially zero experience. Jim was put into an immediate position of power over people who had been at the company for over twenty years. I think this pertains to one of the major crises that Jim faces while working at the bank- Patty Mathews. Jim’s lack of experience also led to problems with political skill and leadership roles within the company.
An unfavorable leadership situation is one with no structured task, a weak position of power for the leader, and low quality relationships among the leader and group members. I think one of the major crises is that Jim and Patty Mathews create an unfavorable leadership situation. There is no clear task structure within the company and Patty does not respect Jim’s authority. I think part of this comes from the fact that he was put into a position of power above her after she had been working at the company for twenty five years and he has practically just started. Jim also jumps to the conclusion that Patty lied about being sick when she didn’t attend the training session for all of the branch managers which leads me to believe that there is a low quality relationship between them. Building off of the problem arising from Patty and Jim’s relationship there is a problem with political skill that arises as well.

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