The Assessment Of Occupational Therapist Assessment

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The assessment done for this client will be reserved for physicians and experienced health professionals in neurological assessments (Powell, 2014).The objective of occupational therapist assessment is to monitor change in function and response pharmacological, environmental and behavioral interventions and to detect for early neurological complications (Powell, 2014). The Ranchos Los Amigos Levels of Cognitive Functioning Scale uses behavioral observations to categorize level of cognitive functioning (Powell, 2014).The information gathered would help the clinicians communicate the client level of functioning (Powell, 2014). The information will be communicated to the families to develop an appropriate rehabilitation plan (Powell, 2014). The first three levels of this assessment describes the client’s response to stimulation and the environment emerging from a coma (Powell, 2014). The Behavior-Based Assessment Tools for Altered States of Consciousness a. Agitated Behavior Scale-This test would measure Donald’s agitation level overtime (Powell, 2014). It has 14 items (Powell, 2014). The sum of the scores reflects overall agitation, with subscales specific to disinhibition, aggression and lability (Powell, 2014). b. Disability Rating Scale-This assessment provides quantitative information about the client 's recovery from TBI from coma to community (Powell, 2014). This test has eight items in four categories: arousal and awareness; cognitive ability to handle
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