The Athletes : Sports There Are 420000 Athletes Essay

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There are 347 division 1 schools among 23 sports there are 420,000 athletes. Most days of Americas 420,000 athletes D1 athletes include of multiple interactions majority involving something to do with the sport they play. Waking up at 5:30 am for a 6:00 am practice for about an hour, then going to classes through the day which student athletes have to be full time students in order to be eligible to play so they are taking up to 4, 5 classes. Not to mention D1 athletes also have individual workouts throughout the day they have to attend also treatments for their body and still managing to eat throughout the day. But that’s just half the day until practice for about 2 hours in the evening or maybe even the night, so that leaves no time to study or even do homework, unless throughout the day you had to go to study hall which last for about 2 hours. Well over half the time of your day is dedicated to the sport you play, doesn’t that sound like a full time job, as to why college athletes should be paid not only because the time commitment but the revenue college athletics make and also the risk of injury while playing a sport. One of the main reasons why D1 college athletes should be paid is due to the revenue colleges make through the athletic department. The success from the athletes and athletic teams serve as a marketing tool or form of advertisement for the institution. Studies show, Universities bring in hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to their athletic

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