The Attributes of a Registered Nurse

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Question 1: What attributes are important for a registered nurse to have, and why are they important? According to Mason, Isaacs and Colby (2011, p. 11), provision of care in the field of nursing requires comprehensive nursing expertise, critical thinking, sound clinical judgement and a holistic overview of health. Registered nurses need to possess a combination of key attributes when providing care, because these attributes play a significant role in enhancing positive outcomes, not only for the patients in their care but also the practitioner and the organisation. Nurses require sound time-management skills and an effective communication approach in order to improve the provision of healthcare. Nurses often perform a leadership role in hands-on patient care, which involves providing patient care in different contexts to improve health outcomes. They require attributes that can lead to ongoing research and learning, and the implementation of healthcare policy. Relevant attributes include problem-solving skills, the ability to critically analyse situations, the ability to absorb and share knowledge, effective interpersonal skills, self-confidence, leadership skills, and the ability to cooperate in a team environment. Nurses require effective interpersonal skills to enable them to manage conflict, which can be an inevitable component of busy workplaces with high service demands. Work environments often have a diverse range of staff and patients with potentially conflicting

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