The Authentic Assessment Methodologies In Mathematics

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PREFACE The Authentic Assessment Methodologies in Mathematics are especially devised and developed to respond to the needs, interest, abilities of diverse types of learners and to promote Outcomes-Based Education in the tertiary Mathematics Education. Mathematics aims to help students become mathematically literate, hence, enable the individual to deal with Mathematics in real world problems as applied in the occupation and private life. Authentic assessment involves Mathematical problems which are set in a real world context which is more meaningful and richer assessment for the learners. With these methodologies, the students will appreciate more the concrete application of Mathematics. As a result, they will be more motivated to perform the activities. The fifteen (15) methodologies ¬¬¬¬are called authentic assessment methodologies because aside from simulating real world experiences, they also address and entail the use and …show more content…

Time Allotment This is the length of time the students have to spend in completing the authentic assessment methodology. Intended Learning Outcomes This part spells out the objectives and purposes of using the assessment methodology. They are stated in specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound (SMART) manner and aligned to the intended outcomes of the syllabus in the said subject. Performance Task This is the assessment task itself which discusses what the students will do and how they should perform the activity. Rating and Scoring This summarizes how the performance of the students are rated and scored. It uses a specific checking procedure or a rubric. Assessment Task

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