The Authority For Mission Success

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b) (Goodale)Squadron level management must have the authority to ensure mission success.
While leadership and management tend to be thought of as synonymous, in reality they are very different concepts (Satterlee, 2013). Managerial tasks involve more direct oversight and tend to be more authoritarian and task oriented. Leadership, on the other hand involves a deeper understand of the overall mission or vision and involves a greater sense of personal influence as apposed to oversight. Another way to separate the roles of leader and manager is that a leader must figure out how best to inspire his people to want to accomplish the job, and by doing so they will require minimal managerial oversight. However a manager is then responsible to decide how best to motivate those people to complete their assigned tasks regardless of if they want to or not (Marker, 2010).

i) (Merchant) All mission tasks must be separated within the squadron into shops that work separate aspects, while working together for mission success.
(1) Shops have specific delegated tasks and management to ensure task completion.
(2) Clear roles and expectations, followed by regular feedback is how delegated duties get done. ii) (Collins) Once shops and tasks and created, leadership must carefully create a functional organizational chart putting the correct people in the correct positions.
I have been a fan of Jim Collins for several years, and in his first book, Good To Great, Collins’ group analyzed and

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