The Battle Of The Confederate Flag

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personal liberties shall be protected as long as they do not cause reasonable harm to another individual. It is incredibly difficult and unjust to promote a system to which state authority prevents speech that they find offensive. It is nearly impossible and impractical for a state entity to understand what can and can’t be considered offensive, and what is offensive to some and not to others. That is why the harm principle is a great principle to understand the limits of how far free speech should and can go. Free speech should be protected and promoted so long as it does not create credible harm to another persons individual liberties. Credible and reasonable harm should thus be defined as harm that occurs to ones idnivual liberties including: life, liberty, and property. For example Looking at the confederate flag, one can see the conflict of harm versus free speech it imposes. The idea of the original confederate flag did stand as symbol of racism and pro-slavery. The confederate flag was in its due time flown as a symbol of war and a threat against those who do not stand by the principles of the confederation. During the civil war the confederate flag could very legitimately be seen as a harmful form of free speech. However in present day, the confederate flag, for the most part does not carry the same meaning or same threat. Many people, who express themselves through the confederate flag as a symbol, do so as a form of showing southern pride or southern heritage.

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