The Benefits And Risks And Auditing Opportunities From Jacksonville Jaguars National Football League

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Youcheng Wang
Professor Mohamed Gomma
ACCT 208
April 20, 2015
The IT Benefits& Risks and Auditing Opportunities from
Jacksonville Jaguars
1. Introduction
The Jacksonville Jaguars National Football League (NFL) was one of the first major sporting organizations to take advantage of information technology tools to sale snacks and souvenirs in their stadium.
From 1995 fans of Jacksonville Jaguars can use Spot Cards to buy drinks, snacks and team souvenirs. In other words, they needn’t to use cash and change to pay for these things. The reloadable Spot Cards, which contain an embedded electronic chip, operate manner similar to other smart cards such as Kinko’s Express Pay cards and many retail establishments including university student identification cards that are used for fee payment, meal and book purchases, and building access.
Not only does the Spot Card offer benefits to fans in the stadium, but the use of IT also offers advantages to stadium vendors by providing better financial information when monitoring their business. Though SC offers improvement for the fans and vendors, those sales need assurance that the technology and related information produced is accurate and reliable.
2. Process of IT Payment in Jacksonville Jaguars
The payment method of Spot Card at the stadium in 1995 is the first victory try in a major sports stadium. The stadium make the contracts with First Union Bank, (Which latterly was acquired by Wachovia Corporation and now is a part of Fargo

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