The Benefits Of College Internship

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Testing out a job before spending thousands of dollars on an education in a field that was not what was expected would be nice. That opportunity does exist: it is an internship. Internships are positions taken by students in order to meet a school requirement or to gain experience. Internships usually have participants that are students in college or graduate school. While there are a multitude of beneficial reasons to participate in an internship, they have proven to have some disadvantages. Students have conflicting views about whether or not a college internship should be a requirement for graduation. Regardless, students should take the opportunity of discovering all the benefits associated with internships. Internships, at least …show more content…

2). Interns are not designed to run other people’s errands but instead to discover one’s passion (Downey par. 19). Most colleges require students to declare majors by the beginning of their junior year, so students should complete an internship before then. Knowing whether or not a job is fitting will permit those to change their majors prior to spending a lot of time and money on an education they will not use. Many will say education will never fail someone. Learning new concepts and ideas can only build minds. People never stop learning throughout life. While internships are advantageous, the main purpose should not be to determine if a career field is admirable but to gain overall work experience. It is known that college graduates receive more job opportunities than those with just a high school diploma (Luhby 3). While gaining knowledge is never futile, no one wants to spend money on something that is unusable, so why invest thousands of dollars on a degree that will only result in a job the person isn’t suited for. To rebut that education will never fail an individual is absurd, but taking an internship to gain understanding can aid in discovering what interests an individual possesses and could potentially prevent the excess spending of money. Completing an internship will allow students post-graduation from going into the work force oblivious of how

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