Hard To Pay For College Essay

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Nowadays it's hard to get a degree and even harder to pay for. In the article "How to Pay for College", it says that with hard work students can earn scholarships, apply for financial aid, finance loans, and take on a part time job to pay for college. However, there is plenty of evidence proving otherwise. Due to the rising costs of tuition and the restrictions to getting financial aid, it is almost impossible for lower and middle class citizens to afford college. Loans leave students in debt and scholarships are not always a sure thing. With a part time job, putting in too many hours of work can interfere with ones sleep and actual study time. Recently a study was done on the average college students' ability to pay for college with a part time job. Randy Olsen, a computer science graduate research assisstant at Michigan State University, crunched the numbers for both Michigan State and all public universities in the U.S. The average tuition cost at an in-state public university is $8,709- not including room and board, books and supplies, personal care, and transportaton fees. Research shows that the amount of hours needed to work to pay for college tuition with a part time minimum wage job has more than tripled since the year 1979. It is now a lot harder to work your way through college than it was 37 years ago. Many people in America miss the chance at pursuing a higher education. This is not because they lack talent or they do not try hard enough. Their parents cannot

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