The Benefits and Pitfalls of the Internet

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Using the internet is becoming popular nowadays since many people spend their time working on it, but is using the internet beneficial for them? It may have some advantages and disadvantages as most new technologies do, and some of these advantages and disadvantages can be seen on online assignment submission, online social networking and online news sites.
Pete Bridge and Rob Appleyard (2005), senior lecturers in radiotherapy and oncology at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK, compared the way that paper-based assignments are submitted with the online equivalent within the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in a study. 47 first year undergraduate radiotherapy physics students were the volunteers, and surveys were used to gather their submission and receiving feedback experience. The same group of students was required to compare their online submission perception with another assignment submission, which was a paper-based assignment. Students were asked to compare the quality of the submission process based on ease of compilation (Bridge & Appleyard, 2005).
The results indicated some positive and negative sides of using the internet to submit assignments. 88% of the students reported that online assignment submission can help the save time, and many said they found it financially beneficial. In addition, 93% of students preferred receiving their feedback online rather than "printed and handed to them" (Bridge & Appleyard, 2005).
The main disadvantage students reported by

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