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Thud, thud. Thud, thud. The pounding heartbeat drowns out the sound of whirring printers and chatting co-workers. A click of a mouse opens the email that can make or break the fragile web of image of her prized client. Glossed lips press together and a heel taps on the ground as french tipped nails fly across the keys. Three private meetings, five public meetings, and two photoshoots line up as if she was parting the Red Sea. She emails the head assistant to her boss to tell her what needs to be done and the times that are currently held and can be moved if needed. This woman is the leader of all of her VIP boss. His income has multiplied fifty times since she joined his team. Like a piece of granite under the hands of a skilled sculptor, …show more content…

Specialists are constantly having to “spin the story” and create a more optimal image for their client. The world of Public Relations is a constant evolving art form where specialists must have their thumbs into many pies and a spider web of interconnecting contacts and sources, A public relations specialist builds the reputation of a company or employer in the eyes of the public. They scheme up and direct plans for programs to create a favorable public image. Another major aspect of this job is to working on event planning with managers to determine an event budget and a budget for the promotion products and services through other public relations initiatives ("Public Relations Specialist Job Description."). On the other side of this, there are different public relation specialists that research media coverage and industry trends such as press releases, communication strategies and campaigns, case studies, social media content, and managing information. These warriors of image have a median pay in the US of $54,170 according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, the 25 percentile makes $40,290 ("Public Relations Specialist."). Stress can spike on the days when a public relations specialists clocks in early and don’t stop moving until midnight. On the other hand, scheduling for work times and the ease of upward mobility increases as the skill level of the specialist increases (“Public Relations

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