The Biblical Worldview Of A Worldview

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A worldview is a compilation of one’s belief that will help determine how one will react and communicate based on new ideas, issues, disagreements, and in general, life’s challenges; it is what one relies on in order to answer those tough questions in relation to today’s issues. A worldview will determine how you look at any situation, from abortion, religion, gay marriage or to more mundane issues, it is that innate belief that you have formulated in your life that will determine those outcomes and how others will possibly perceive you to be.
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Part II
The biblical worldview of our Origin started with God; He created our world, and all that exists within it, everything within six days (Gen.1.1). God created man in His own likeness on the fifth day, out of dust, Adam was made; Out of Adam’s rib, woman was created (Gen.1.27, Gen.2.7). God is the great creator, He has always been and always will be. Unlike theories that try to explain creation in just being a whimsical roll of the dice, that somehow from a “Big Bang” explosion, life simply emerging cannot be; the complexity of all of creation could not be something that just happened by luck. A master designer can be the only explanation to explain how this beautiful, complex world came to be in all of its glory and richness, down to the most specific detail, as well as how man was created from nothing.
Man, unlike all other animals, was the only one created in God’s image. He gave man authority over all…
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