The Biography Of Theodore Roosevelt

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The author wrote the Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt because he was one of the most beloved Presidents in American History, and had a long and successful career as a politician. The Autobiography also describes Roosevelt’s as he lived an exciting and adventurous life, describing how he traveled the world. It also reflects on the time period from which he lived, and the personal sacrifices he made for the good of the country. Roosevelt began his career in the New York State Assembly, but left that position after his first wife died. He left politics for a while and started a cattle ranch. As stated in the Autobiography, “To recover from his loss, Roosevelt left the New York State Assembly after his third term ended in 1884, moving to …show more content…

He served as the head of the New York Police Department for two years only to resign again and accept his new appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, given to him by President McKinley.” Roosevelt was only 39 years old and had already been hugely successful political career, and this was only the beginning. During his career as the Secretary of the Navy he became famous for his bravery during the Spanish American War. Roosevelt was known for his bravery during the war, and his participation as the leader of the “Rough Riders,” and his bravery made him an American Hero, “. As seen in the autobiography, “He then resigned his post as assistant secretary and helped organize and lead a volunteer regiment in the Army known as the Rough Riders. Under Roosevelt 's leadership, the Rough Riders defeated the Spanish garrison in the Battle of San Juan Hill in Cuba in July of 1898. After the war was over, Roosevelt became famous for drafting the Round Robin letter that called for the end of the U.S. occupation of Cuba”. Roosevelt’s political career continued to climb the ladder of success, and he was soon elected as the Governor of New York. Although the powerful people in the New York political elite tried to manipulate Roosevelt, he high moral standard could not be manipulated. As written in his autobiography, “With his newfound fame as a

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