The Bloody Sunday

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The Bloody Sunday is a song that was sang by the Irish rock and U2. In the world’s history, it is also an extremely tragic day because millions of innocent people lost their lives. In the world history, this tragic day named horrible and miserable. Singers like U2 who cares about the world and what happens in the world always perform songs that capture the audience’s attention and feel their heart. The U2 are an Irish rock band from Dublin, that were so famous band in the late 1970. There are four people in this band Bono, Edge Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen. The U2 band always sang about serious issues that explains people’s sorrow and problems in the world for example, Bloody Sunday. By performing their first album boy U2 became extremely …show more content…

When people get together they came with the idea of protest. Unfortunately, many protesters who aged between seventeen and forty died in this incident by the government soldiers. Because the government did not want to change their rules and regulation therefore, they tried to bomb, killed and injured the protestor of this incident. The protest that happened in Derry was against the civil rights and at that time the civil rights was so unfair. Many people don’t have the place for living and no food to eat and further this caused many people to starve and die. The U2 band composed a song that included the hunger and issues of people in 1970’s. The Bloody Sunday is very powerful song and has strong meaning that express how rude and mean soldiers were at that time. The U2 band used different instruments to create this song such as electric violin, guitar, snare and bass drum. The tune of U2 was created by the special app on the computer and further this song is very emotional, heart touching and powerful. The U2 song gave a chill inside that makes its audience to hit the soldiers that did to the poor and innocent …show more content…

In the past, Island was occupied by England and whatever happened in 1972 was the third blood Sunday in the history of Island. The 1st bloody Sunday happened in 1920 and the 2nd happened in 1921 after a year. Bono wrote the song when the 3rd event happened in civil right march and in this event 26 civilian protesters shot by British soldiers in the city of Derry that is in the Northern Ireland. In 1972 event the British soldiers lost their control and shot many civilians and afterwards, they lied that protesters were throwing stones and cocktails on them which is not true. The soldiers shot the innocent men and boys without any sort of warning that is really depressing in the history of Irish

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