The Building Blocks Of Successful Leadership Essay

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4 The building blocks of successful leadership pipeline

Despite the benefits listed above, leadership succession remains a cause of concern for a number of organisations. DDI’s Global Leadership Forecast from 2011 showed how only 38% of participating leaders said the quality of leadership within their organisation is either very good or excellent. More importantly, only 18% of HR professionals in the same survey felt the organisations have a strong bench to respond to future needs. In order to make the most of the leadership pipeline model, organisations must also focus on the following four elements.

A simple system with buy-in from the senior leadership team

The focus should be on creating a clear and simple pipeline framework. The more complex the program, the more it risks failing at some point. If the organisation is able to reduce the bureaucracy required to run the system, then it ensures the system is based on clarity and effectiveness. One way to remove complexity from the system is by narrowing its focus. The processes used must be focused on the actual objectives and needs of the organisation. There’s no reason to add broadness by creating a far-reaching process when there is no need for it. The scope is at its best when it doesn’t focus on every person within the organisation, but narrows the effort down towards a few key players. Furthermore, it’s important to ensure the system is flexible enough to respond the changing needs within the organisation.

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