Paranoid Personality Disorder Case Studies

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The Case of Paranoid Personality Disorder Phoenix is a 28 year old woman who is currently a full-time student and unemployed. She is in a domestic partnership and she has a son, which is not legally her partner’s. She stays at home most days and waits for her son to come home from school and her partner to come home from her job. Phoenix constantly ponders thoughts of her partner’s fidelity to their partnership. Her primary complaint was her frequent doubts, without reasoning, concerning the commitment of her current partner. She harbors a constant feeling of distrust while her partner is away at work and becomes suspicious if her partner has gone a few hours without contact. Phoenix is a moderate drinker and she proclaims this helps to suppress the obsessive thoughts. She has resulted to drinking for this chronic feeling for the past couple of years. Phoenix and her partner have been in numerous altercations because of these internal issues which exist and have not been laid to rest. In addition, she has stated in the past after having a few drinks while out with her partner are when the fights start to begin. She projects her mistrust onto her partner and her partner lashes would lash out in anger. This has further added to the feelings of fear of abandonment and mistrust. Phoenix realizes until she has her paranoia under control she should decrease her alcohol consumption, especially while around her partner. Phoenix has begun to self-medicate this past year by

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