Essay on The Case of Power Up Fitness

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Power up fitness has been motivated by its mission- “To provide support for wellness and health by being a major provider of sports gear and equipment”. Power up fitness desires to maintain its mission by implementing business strategies that will progress the accomplishment of their mission.
This report provides a forum of analytical review for the current market state of; ‘Power up fitness’ which compares its current business strategies with that of its competitors’ and recommends new strategies that will proof successful in the future.
Based on the research revelations on the probable success of this new venture;
Power up fitness has being realized to have a health conscious trend working in their favor as a sustainable demand for their type of business, which has a grand loyal customer base that can accommodate the new venture.
The new business strategy recommended for this business has been to implement the product differentiation and the market development strategy to their current practices. Product differentiation will set this company apart from their competition; this can be done in two ways; quality service and affordable pricing; if power fitness can offer their services with ‘five star ratings’ and offer them at an attractive price than that of their competition then their intention of market development will actualize with benefits.
Power up fitness can consider franchising its brand, products and services as a medium of expansion to make their facility…

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