The Cause And Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

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The Cause and Effects of Sleep Deprivation Derek Oxley Lamar Community College Abstract Sleep deprivation has many dangerous causes and even more dangerous effects. These causes and effects are real issues that affect many people’s lives. Sleep deprivation has many effects that people do not really understand. These effects not only their day, but also their lives. Some people have to use a CPAP machine to breathe. Sleep deprivation also causes obesity and type two diabetes. Sleep deprivation not only affects the physical aspects of people, it also affects a person’s mentality. This causes people to see and hear things that are not there. It also can cause Insomnia which is a sleep disorder where people cannot sleep fully or stay asleep. Sleep deprivation causes many more problems than many think Sleep deprivation all the way to mood control. Scientists say the mood has a correlation to how a person sleeps. Sleep is also an absolute requirement for the body, so no sleep messes with people quite a bit. This is traced all the way to the hormones and muscle structure. The Cause and Effect of Sleep Deprivation Many people consider sleep a waste of time and purposely do not sleep in order to pursue other things such as goals, money, and entertainment. This mostly happens in young adults and teenagers. Other people may not get enough sleep due to family obligations, demanding jobs, or shift work. These sleep-wake patterns affect the time sleep occurs, which
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