The Causes And Types Of Earthquakes On The Earth

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Earthquakes are a type of natural disaster, caused by the movement of tectonic plates in the Earth’s crust. The sudden and rapid movements of a block of rock slipping past another block of rock along faults in Earth’s crust cause an earthquake to occur, as the rubbing of the rocks against each other, creates energy, which causes seismic waves that shake the ground. The area within the Earth, where the earthquake begins, is known as the focus, or the hypocenter. Directly above the focus of an earthquake, is the epicenter. An earthquake normally is followed by aftershocks, which are smaller earthquakes that occur following the main shock of a larger earthquake. Aftershocks are caused by the stress that is added to the crust of the Earth by the initial shock of the earthquake. An aftershock can sometimes be as big and disastrous as the main shock of the earthquake. However, if it is bigger than the first main earthquake, then it is known as the main shock, and the previous smaller earthquakes are known as the foreshocks. The aftershocks of an earthquake can occur minutes, hours, days, or even a few weeks after the main shock.
Over the past years and decades, many earthquakes have occurred on the planet. Some earthquakes have been small and harmless, and some have been moderate and have caused little disaster. However, most earthquakes have been very powerful and have caused lots of damage. As a matter of fact, earthquakes are the deadliest of all natural disasters, because

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