The Censorship Of Singapore ( Mda )

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The practise of censorship - the restriction of ideas, action or image through the control of the media or any other medium of expression. Censorship should be practised sensibly so that it will not restrict the development and expression of new ideas while ensuring that social and political harmony is assured. Censorship plays a vital role in maintaining the morals of its society and creating an economically dynamic, socially cohesive and culturally vibrant nation. (N.A, N.D) The press exert a significant influence on the public and is partly responsible for the views and values that many hold. Hence, it should be responsible with what it put forth to the public. Singapore has gradually moved from film censorship to film classification and now to the focus on media literacy. Media Authority of Singapore (MDA) plays a significant role in regulating and conducting matters pertaining to the media. It is guided by legislation/acts such as Media Development Authority of Singapore Act, code of practice and guideline to comply and enforce the entities. In this term paper, we will discuss how the media handle censorship and classification related matters as well as reviewing the Films Appeal Committee under the films act policy. In this regard, recommendations will also be given on how to improve the clause. The media environment has undergone major changes, driven largely by the forces of technology, media convergence and globalisation. (Media Development Authority, 2014) As

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