The Central Ideas Of Treatment Approach

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The Transpersonal theory has evolved over the past two decades, driving the desire to learn more about the higher self. “A person doesn’t have to be sick in order to get better” (Tuner, 2011, p.551,) The history and development will be discussed within the essay. Central ideas of treatment approach will be included. Strengths and weaknesses of the Transpersonal Theory within social work will be addressed in great detail. There will be an assessment of a case and the client within the micro system. The major goals and expected outcomes within the micro system will be listed. To help understand how practitioner work with clients the intervention techniques will be addressed. To give a holistic view of the Transpersonal Theory the ethical issues implicit in the approach will be stated. Finally, the application of professional self, and the use of the model with the micro system.

History and Development The Transpersonal Theory help broaden the way of thinking for many practitioners therefore creating the need to greater explore the higher self. “It was in the late 19th century the thrust of social work interventions shifted toward a psychosocial approach with an emphasis on internal as well as environmental factors” (Tuner, 2011, p.547). It was 1967, when a small group gathered to create new psychology that would honor the whole spectrum of the human experience, including various non-ordinary states of consciousness. The group included, Abraham Maslow, Anthony Sutich,…
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