The Challenges Of Communication Problems In The Workplace

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Communication is a beautiful thing, as we are able to convey and pass messages from a sender, though a channel and to a receiver. When we interact in interactions we may face some challenges when trying to understand a message or information. Another world that a lot of people are familiar with is the workplace. The challenges here can be more challenging, that can lead to a blockage or no communication. This can lead to miss meanings in messages. With communication you’re going to have problems and they will be suggesgested solutions to solving those problems. In this paper we will go over some problems, their effect, and their solutions. Earlier in the paper I said world, what I mean is problems may occur in the workplace and in personal interactions outside and inside the workplace. Some examples of communication problems in this field are; First our new hires, these our when new employees our welcomed to an oganisation. When new hires are first hired, without proper traning hands on or videos, employess may stuggle with the new hires with communication. An example would be, a company having their own company communication, with new employers not undertsnading this communication. Second, would be Lack of feedback. Feedback means a lot in communication, and feedback should be present throughout the company. Feedback can bring positive or negative effects to the workplace, but can make the workplace grow together. An example would be if a company departments send out

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