The Challenges Of Netflix And Movie Cinemas

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Both Netflix and movie theatres have their challenges that they need to address and overcome. As for Netflix, Americas have an undeniably high working speed internet that is easily accessible everywhere. While on the other side of the world, for example India, Netflix user face a challenges on getting a high speed internet (, 2017).The country has a low internet penetration with a low bandwidth (, 2017). Only a small section of the country has an access to a high speed internet (, 2017). The downturn of subscribing to Netflix is to have a high speed internet connection or else the video will keep on buffering or having to choose a low definition of movie quality to enable it to load faster. This, in turn would leave…show more content…
Being in the spotlight, there is no doubt that there will be competitors from future companies that is trying to compete in the Video-On-Demand streaming market. There are few others popular streaming services offered for the consumers to choose other than Netflix such as Amazon, Hulu TV, HBO Now and also Youtube TV to name a few. This streaming company offers similar services like Netflix with their very own way and attraction. For example, Hulu TV offers their customers $5.99 monthly for a basic plan while Netflix offers for $7.99 monthly for a basic plan (Blank, 2017). The price range offered for every company differed although it only differs in a small gap. Lastly, Netflix is amazingly popular in the United States of America market and in the third quarter of 2017 it has 52.77 million US subscribers (Hayes, 2017). When Netflix announce its expansion to other 130 countries outside US, international fans are not impressed by the move (Russell, 2017). Viewing preferences from each country differ and Netflix need to have a wide library content to cater the needs of its international
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