The Challenges Of Teaching English As A Second Language

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Introduction: Traveling to another country to take a course which would certify me to teach English as a second language is something I did not picture myself doing. I always knew I wanted to work with students, but I was never certain as to what career path I would take. Working with international students who were eager to learn English helped me make my decision to teach English. Taking this course has shown me that I have the ability to teach English. Throughout the course I saw that it is not an easy task. There are many challenges that come with teaching English, but I am ready to face these challenges. What is a good teacher? Knowing that teaching English is going to be a challenge, a good teacher to me would be someone who knows that although teaching requires lots of work, they are still willing to teach. Being an English teacher or a teacher in general is not something that you learn from one day to another. Teaching takes time, and even being a teacher you learn something new every day whether it is from your colleagues or your students. A good teacher knowing their position still is open to learning new things even if they are already trained. As time goes by there are new things implemented in the school system, so that means teaching techniques might change. One has to be willing to imply these changes and do whatever they can to provide the best learning environment they can for their students. A good teacher will make sure that students feel comfortable in

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