The Character Of Odysseus In The Odyssey

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What really make a hero a hero Who do you look up to? What do you do to make you look up to them? Let’s clarify Odysseus and Athena are characters in the story The Odyssey Athena helps Odysseus throughout the book. Without her help there is no way that Odysseus will ever make it home.Even though Odysseus is a great hero Athena is a way better hero.

Odysseus is a great hero he is brave,smart,and strong but he does these things in a selfish way To start ,Odysseus is very Brave, According to the text, “ For two days and two nights he swam with the currents” (Homer 7) This shows that he is brave because he stayed in the ocean and kept swimming until he got to the land there are so many sharks and animals that could hurt you in the
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