The Characteristics Of A Manager

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A leader as compared to a manager
The term Manager and leader are sometimes used interchangeably although wrongly so, these two terms describe different personalities, although there are areas where two characters over lapse.
There are two primary differences between a leader and a manager. A manager has workers under power while a leader has followers under his influence. The leader challenge convention, and pushes his team to achieve new goals, while the manager would maintain the status quo, managing employees and resources efficiently to keep the business running from day to day.
The main characteristics of a manager The brilliance of the manager is his ability to manage systems and resources. Resources include human labor, time, money, equipment, and anything else that is beneficial to achieve the goals. The manager has to be cautious to work within the constraints of the system, and maintain the desired standards of work. A manager, therefore, has the task of planning, budgeting, organizing, controlling, coordination, time management, and decision-solving.
The main characteristics of a leader The talent of a leader is in his ability to lead successfully a team to attain new heights. The leader has the task of keeping his team motivated on achieving his vision. The leader must build up each and every one of his followers to bring out the best they can, to the benefit of the team. Thus, the leader focuses on inspiring, empowering and establishing the

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