The Chartered Institute Of Personnel And Development Essay

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The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is an organization that was founded to ‘’set professional standards and provide the expertise to drive the HR and L&D professions forward’’ (CIPD, 2016). The organization works to create new solutions and find new ways to help Human Resource personnel develop themselves in matters related to Human Resource Management so that can get the most and do the most for the other members of staff that depend on them. The HR personnel is expected to apply the policies and practices they have in organizational development and design, work on employee resourcing, provide adequate learning and development opportunities to employees, and are expected to be generally involved in the services that enhance the wellbeing of employees (Taylor & Armstrong, 2014). The CIPD has developed a framework from which HR personnel can adopt to foster better people management practices. This is known as the CIPD professional map and it has within it various standards that HR professionals can adopt to demonstrate better HR practices (CIPD, 2016). The CIPD professional map outlines the foundations of effective people management practice across 10 professional specialisms and outlines 8 behaviors that any good HR personnel will do well to know regardless of specialism (CIPD, 2016). This report will be focusing on the behaviors outlined in the CIPD professional map, it will list and elucidate on four of these behaviors. The behaviors include; •
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