The Choice Of Color For A Company 's Management Board Decisions Essay

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It is highly important to include in an advertisement the choice of color not only for advertising purposes but also for a company 's management board decisions because colours are a highly and easily way of visual communication. In addition, colours are so important t for integrating marketing communication, because it helps in building a strong visual equity of consumers of a brand. On the other hand, due to the importance of colours from a human 's perspective, it is mentioned in various fields, for example, psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology, neurology and marketing (Panigyrakis & Kyrousi, 2015: 234). In any market, there is always an increase in the competition within it, however, the added value comes with the product or service inferentiality. A marketer always has an objective of grabbing consumer 's attention and to evoke their emotions using the right tools Colours can be one of those tools that can be used in a different way as in pictures to deliver a certain message (Gorn, Chattopadhyay, Yi&Dahl, 1997). An exploration is used when there is a lack of a clear idea of the problems that will occur during the study, therefore exploration help researchers to develop concepts more clearly, establish priorities, develop operational definitions, and improve the final research design. It saves time and money; it investigates new areas that a researcher (Cooper & Schindler 2014). Exploratory research is informal and flexible when using small unreliable samples.

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