The Christian Of Christian Education

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The conviction of Christian parents who wanted to provide their children with the Bible-based moral education in a pagan Roman society was a driving force behind the Christian school education that emerged in the early centuries. When Christians were dispersed throughout the Roman Empire after the destruction of Jerusalem, Christian parents - both Jewish and Gentile- faced a dilemma for their children’s education. The Jewish people had a long history of their commitment to the spiritual education of their children. They were the first to establish church-supported religious school system when they exiled to Babylon and started to build synagogues and schools either inside or next to the synagogue. All instructions, either at home or school, were given based on the first five books of the Bible. Gentile Christians also wanted the Bible-based moral education for their children. Christian parents who strongly opposed to the subjects which were filled with immorality and mythology taught in the pagan schools all throughout the Roman Empire had to find an alternative to educating their children.
The pagan schools at the time were entirely influenced by Greek and Roman educational philosophies and objectives. With the invention of the Greek alphabets and democracy, Greece, especially the city of Athens, quickly became the epicenter of the intellectual, cultural and political activities. While the aim of the Spartan education in Greece was strictly physical, containing only

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