The Civil War On American History

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country divided, the Civil War left a huge impact in history as it helped form what our nation is today. An inevitable conflict that was due in time to transform into a war, the Civil War was influenced by societal interests, economic changes along with political disagreements. Together, these influences sparked a nation into a great divide that ended in what is known as the deadliest war in American history. Just In the aftermath of the industrial revolution, the Civil War was ignited due to economic changes. By 1830, the most profitable crop known was cotton. Representing the south, cotton was the most exported crop in the Union at the time. An economic booster for the south, it essentially lead to the south’s dependence on plantations. With cotton in high demand, demanded the need for more labor. Those who worked the fields, mainly slaves, endured hard labor and harsh environments. Many slaves were imported, or needed, to meet the high demands for the most important exported crop. However, by this time, the north was already established as an industrial economy. In the north, there was a need for labor, but not necessarily the need for slaves. As an industrial economy, more factories were opened and more ways of transportation were needed to be built such as railroads and steamboats. Coming to a land of opportunity, many immigrants migrated from foreign countries looking for a better life. Having better civil rights and liberties than most slaves, these immigrant workers
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