The Cloud Computing Technology Is An Architecture Based On Saas And Paas Over Internet

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According to Duncan, “Architecture Dr. Schadt” is a founding member of “Sage Bionetworks”. This is helped in initiative design to support or build the database (Duncan, 2009). In today’s world organizations looking forward to have more powerful computing to successfully achieve their projects or goals. “As the case of extreme scientists” states cloud computing, as professor “Varma” says, the usage of cloud computing been highly impacting in organizational growth, based on software as a service and platform as a service (Varma, S. 2015). This cloud computing technology is an architecture based on SaaS and PaaS over internet. In this case study “Dr. Schadt” used cloud computing for easy access of data, more storage capability and cost effectiveness. Few years back (5-10 years back), organizations use to maintain their own servers. It became more hectic (maintaining servers) work for the organizations as it cost more (infrastructure maintenance and power costs etc.) and needs to be monitored continuously. By using the servers organization can only be able to access their own data and there is no data sharing for their business organizations. But “Dr. Schadt”, thought about business growths, sharing data between organizations, analyzing data usage, and he started analyzing came across with Amazon’s services for complex data analysis. He flied across the country to analyze the data and found the results. To use cloud computing technologies organizations need more powerful…
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