The Coaching With Compassion Case Study

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Background For the coaching with compassion case study I chose to have a coaching session with a peer and friend within my organization. I have worked with the subject of the coaching session for nearly eight years and have been one of his mentors for seven and a half of those years. He does exemplify what I would consider to be a superior performer. He always acts with integrity, is very dependable, is knowledgeable, provides an exceptionally high level of customer service and accuracy, takes time to teach others, and is constantly looking to innovate. Provide book example of leadership here.
Coaching Session The coaching session took place over lunch at a local restaurant. The atmosphere was much more casual in this setting since there was no fear of interruption as there would have been in the workplace. The subject’s mood was very positive at the start of the coaching session. As the coach I was also in a positive mood at the start of the session. The first question that I asked the subject was “if your life were perfect and your dreams come true, what would your life and work be like in 10-15 years?” He pondered the question for a brief moment and then answered the personal aspect of the question first. He said that ideally in 10-15 years that he would be married with at least one child, but more likely two. He would like to have more time to get back into a running schedule. He was a runner in high school and college is disappointed that he has not had the time or

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