The Code Of Business Ethics

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CyberCore Security Inc. Squared (CCSI2) is in business to create value for our clients, however, our true reason is to be of service to our country, our communities, and our fellow citizens. We do this through customer-focus performance in the products and services we provide with high quality and on time contracts. Honesty, service, integrity and accountability underline, permeate, and incorporates who we are and “what we do”. Ethical behavior is the foundation of our company and is mandatory from our employees beginning at “day one” in all their actions and activities and is expected from our business partners as well. We will not tolerate unethical behavior from anyone within the company or by anyone with whom we do business! Any employee violating our Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

This Code of Business Ethics and Conduct is an integral part of the company’s compliance program, which is directed at ensuring compliance with the myriad of rules, regulations, and laws that apply to CCSI2 as a Government Contractor and Commercial Contractor. The Code sets forth the standards that guide our actions and applies to everyone.

Honesty and Service

Honesty and service implies ethical behavior, quality work and customer satisfaction, caring about our people and serving our country and communities well.

Ethical Behavior

CCSI2 stresses corporate and personal integrity. We comply with all known laws and regulations,

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