The Communication Model Of Communication

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1. What is the transmission model of communication? Where does it come from? What does it do well in helping us understand the process of communication in everyday life? What are its limitations? The transmission model of communication as defined by James Carey is a process whereby messages are transmitted or sent and distributed over distance and into space for the purpose of control. The transmission model includes a sender on one end and a receiver on the other. In the middle is the median that the message is being sent through. This comes from the nineteenth century from religious origins. For example, to try to understand this model, we can think about missionaries. The missionaries were sent from the Roman Catholic Church to other countries to spread the teaching of Jesus in order to gain control of the people. The transmission does well in helping us understand the efficiency, convenience, and influence/ control of communication in everyday life. The limitations if the transmission model is that the transmission model doesn’t let us understand the importance of context – that information takes on its meaning in particular times, in particular situations, with particular people. Another one of its limitations is that the medium is neutralized and the transmission model doesn’t differentiate between different medium such as, newspapers, social media, and amber alert on a highway reader board. Lastly, the information is homogenized. For example, all the information

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