The Communications Coordinator For The Global Multi Million Dollar Company And Brand Of Mac Cosmetics

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It’s Friday afternoon, Sarah Brovda has just come back from lunch with a friend and is wearing a red and black flannel with black jeans and black booties with simple, natural makeup. From the moment you step into a room with Sarah, you immediately feel at ease as if you have known her your entire life. You wouldn’t automatically guess that she is actually kind of a big deal. As the Global Communications coordinator for the global multi-million dollar company and brand of MAC Cosmetics it’s surprising that talking to Sarah is like talking to an older sister or friend who actually gives brilliant advice.
Having worked at numerous PR agencies and other beauty brand companies, Sarah knows her stuff. She is a driven and independent go-getter who speeds up when the light is yellow. Ever since she was younger, Sarah knew that she wanted to work in Public Relations. Having naturally been inclined to adore magazines, blogs, fashion and communication, it was as if PR had been genetically programmed into her DNA, and it very well might have been. Sarah’s mother had her own make-up line when she was growing up, so her life had always been surrounded by all things beauty and product-related. Working at MAC after so many years of experience with PR, was a lifelong dream come true.
Although Sarah had always loved PR, like many college students, she wanted to branch out and explore other interests before making that leap of faith towards the “real world”. So with self-exploration in mind,

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