The Community Health Outreach Session Utilizing Automated Blood Pressure Cuff

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Briefly explain the behavior change you are hoping to facilitate among your target audience and explain the key benefits for the target audience to change their behavior. The community health outreach session utilizing automated blood pressure cuff should increase the individual 's health awareness and self-confident. As the behavioral changes, hope to target is to reduce CVD morbidity through health awareness. Since culture, culture sensitivity and communication barriers are alleviated through a native sign language user, this should increase CVD health awareness, and health literacy in hope to increase life expectancy of a DHOH person (WHO, 2015). The key benefit of the behavioral changes is to exploit the Social Cognitive Theory [SCT] by providing groups and/or individualized support health consultant. The goal of the community outreach is to recruit the DHOH clients to receive ongoing health consultants ' support via telehealth videophone (Wilson & Wells, 2009; University of Rochester Medical Center Rochester, 2015; Sorensen ntouch, 2015) or in person consultation. To measure and correct behavioral changes, self-efficacy from the SCT model study design will carry out quantitative pre- post test questionnaires (Glanz, Rimer, & Viswanath, 2008; Resnick & Siegel, 2013; Creswell, 2010). Briefly describe potential stakeholders, community leaders, collaborative partners, or gate-keepers who may help you disseminate the message and encourage behavior change. In

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