The Complex Adaptive System Of A Healthcare Organization

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The key to the success of a healthcare organization is defined by the many qualities and attributes its leaders possess when overseeing patient care. Such care, whether executed at the micro, meso, or macro level, can be beneficial to an organization, or results in the failure when change is inappropriately addressed. A strong leader is one who can manage change, and direct care throughout all the numerous levels of an organization by utilizing values that are a reflection of the bureaucratic thoughts and principles, or the complex adaptive system. The complex adaptive system is a comprehensive system that is complicated in nature and often can cause chaos and the failure of an organization when change is not properly managed. During my professional career, I have observed many styles of management skills and found this to work both against an organization and as well as, prove beneficial when handling change. The overall success of any organization is dependent upon the quality attributes of its leaders. I believe the complex adaptive method is a control method that forces the good employees away. A prime example of this style of management was observed with the launching of computerizing charting.
Computers, as you are familiar with can be challenging, and as well as, they can create havoc which can be devastating for some. Seasonal nurses are not so reluctant to give in to any changes, and trying to comprehend something new can result in a toxic environment for them

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