The Computer Into The Learning Process

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The introduction of the computer into the learning process has given people the opportunity to explore the benefits of this tool. Technology has been incorporated into the learning environment ever since the computer was introduced to schools in the early 1980s. Now, according to the National Center for Education Statistic, there is a ratio of 5.3 to 1 of students to computers in a class, as of 2009. The use of computers for educational purposes is rarely questioned these days. People often wonder why on some assignments computers are not used or sometimes not allowed. The basic computer skills are often taught in class and sometimes there is even a separate class for students to learn how to type and use the computer programs. The idea …show more content…

These issues were brought up in discussion in two different articles by Lowell Monke and Laurie Fendrich “Charlotte’s Webpage” and “Bad Student Writing? Not So Fast”, respectively. Fendrich and Monke take two different stances on the use of technology, like computers, for learning but few similarities can be seen. Both can agree that technology and its unique uses are a major part of the learning environment for the younger generations. Fendrich’s article expresses the positive advantages of the use of technology in the younger generation. She discusses how the older generation believes “that these irresponsible young people have not been trained properly” (par. 2). The older generation may be reluctant to “embrace new ideas” and they also have a hard time understanding and accepting the ideas of this younger generation (par. 5). She also eludes to the idea that technology is an excuse for the fearfulness that the elders have to embrace the new generations and the technologies that come with it. Fendrich often cites two people in her article, Clive Thompson and Edith Hamilton, who also have created theories on the very idea of education and the response people have to the changing dynamic of the classroom. She often identifies herself with the notion that the increased use of technology in the upcoming generation has

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