The Construction Of Occupational Specialty Codes Essay

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On September 29, 2016, the U. S. Navy announced that it would modernize the enlisted ratings of the Navy. The plan includes the installation of occupational specialty codes. These codes are similar to those used in the other services. The plan also called for sailors to be referred to by only their rank, such as Petty Officer First Class. The modernization of the enlisted rating system has caused morale issues in the fleet, makes job field detailing better, and aligns with the other branches. First, there will be morale problems in the fleet with the modernization plan. The plan discarded a tradition that goes back two hundred years to the beginning of the Navy. Rates such as Boatswain’s Mate, Gunner’s Mate and Quartermaster have been in use since the start of the Navy (Broderick). They were carried over from the British Navy which was the used to create the U. S. Navy. Dickstein quoted a sailor saying about the plan that, “It seemed to come out of nowhere without much notice, so a lot of people were surprised it happened" (Dickstein, 2016). Sailors are very protective of their rates, and many have conveyed anger and confusion with the plan. According to Church, a seaman stated that “When you’re a Boatswain’s Mate it comes with a lot of pride because of what you do” (Church). On there is a petition requesting to have the old rating reinstated. As of two October, the petition had almost 41,000 signatures. The positive about the change, it will be easier for
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