The Controversy Of Apple Vs. Microsoft Essay

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Do you want to overpay for something because of the name? If so, Apple products are waiting for you. The controversy of Apple vs. Microsoft has been around since these two companies were first introduced on the computer market. People that use Microsoft products will tell you that it is better just the same way that Apple users will tell you how far superior their product is. In this essay I will prove that Microsoft products are better than Apple products because of their price, options, and upgrades. Microsoft was officially established on April 4, 1975, by Paul Allen and Bill Gates. They fist designed BASIC interpreter (program) for a company named MITS and released the first Microsoft Windows in 1984. Their main focus is operating systems and software for all computers. April 1, 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne established Apple. Their first product was the Apple I personal computer kit. Apple mainly focused on hardware and software for their products exclusively.
The first reason Microsoft computers are better than Apple computers is because of its price. For price comparison the information will come from The lowest price of an Apple laptop is $799.99 which is a current sale price from the original $899.99 for the 11.6” MacBook Air. This is a non-touch-screen laptop with 4GB of memory, 128GB hard drive, and I5 processor with speeds of 1.4-2.7GHz. If you like spending more and getting less, Apple is right for

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