The Core Elements Of Islam Essay

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As human beings, we have been evolved to be complex species that think, plan, and interact with others in our society. To flourish as society, there has to be a set of moral values that teach us how to act and behave. Religion plays a tremendous role in our society, because it lays out the rudimentary elements of how to strive and succeed in life. Many religions like Islam have moral obligations to help the poor, take care of your family, and pray during holidays like Ramadan. However, there are many people that alter the core elements of Islam with their subjective views. This creates a major problem, because society begins to divide between the moderate and progressives. Feminists, people who fight for equality and women’s rights, is completely different from what the group used to be. Feminists do not address the issue on the other side of the world, and are more focused on their own fabricated problems. Thus, it could be said that there is a shift in the perspective or morality on both Western and Eastern cultures.
Morality is defined as understanding the core elements of good and bad behavior. For instance, it would be classified as morally wrong to kill a random person on the street. It could be considered morally wrong to abuse others for the sake of your own benefit. A morally good behavior could be an example of someone helping an older person with their groceries, or returning a lost item to a security office. These teachings were taught to us everyday of our
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