The Cost Of Life In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Life is something everyone has a chance to experience and take care of. But some decide to have temporary fun, excitement and happiness at the cost of their life. They take it for granted. They think just because it killed a few people it will be safe for them. They think it will be fun and exciting. Just because it doesn't kill them right away doesnt mean it won't kill them in the long run. They don't think it will catch up to them. Your life is already way too short, don't make it even shorter. This is why I believe that that the human life is way too short and fragile to take for granted and ruin it just for some fun. In Romeo and Juliet they were both very young when they died. They thought they would be together forever living all the way until they died of …show more content…

On september 19 2013 my father passed away at the age of 39 from a massive tumor in the front of his head. He was sick for about a week before he went to the hospital. We found out about the tumor that day. He was healthy, working out and even going vegan. He didn’t smoke or drink. This just goes to show that no matter what you do to prolong your it life is still short. Sadly some people don’t care about their lives, they smoke, do drugs and drink every time they see a bottle. They do all these things they know isn't good for their body but seems like fun at the time. don't take your short fragile life for granted while you still have a chance to save it. In conclusion life isn’t something you throw around like a ball, it's something you care for and nurture for as long as you possibly can. People can live up to a hundred years old if they treat their lives well. Or it will fail at the young age of 20.There is no way to add more years to your life all you can do is treat it right as much as you can. But you sure can make it go away faster.Don't take it for granted because because your short life will only get shorter and

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