The Country of Thailand

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When we talk about Thailand, the first thing that would cross our mind is the foods and cultural values that has been preserved for centuries. Not to forget beautiful beaches and also the magical environmental values that are essential for tourism. All these values makes Thailand looks amazing in the eyes of tourist and also people from all around the globe.

But despite these positive aspect, there are also dark sides that has been illuminating the people of Thailand for centuries. Havoc and chaos has become a normal scenario in the political culture of Thailand since early 90’s. Many prime ministers has come and gone since that period but the political condition in Thailand is still as worst as it looks.

Thailand is our nearest neighbour that has many similarities in culture and even the political background. Lets forget about the riot that has been happening even long before Thaksin regime. Lets focus on why these riots has been continuedly happening without any solution. What are the reasons?

In Thailand, the government uses an autocratic leadership style where almost everything is controlled by the government. They control everything including the legislative and judiciary system in order to control any transaction and also the people of Thailand. The government also have full access to the media where they control everything including what the media station feeds the viewer in Thailand.

The riots start happening by the time the citizen of Thailand are being
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