The Current Information Security Landscape Of Small Businesses

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Small businesses form a critical part of the economy and play a key role in the creation of jobs and improving the livelihoods of many individuals in the society. However, in the advancement of technology and the use of information systems by these businesses, there has grown a threat to the continued successful operations of these businesses due to the threat of cyber attacks. This paper will focus on researching on the current information security landscape of small businesses, specifically in cloud computing and social networking. The paper will also make a discussion of the potential consequences of not implementing security practices, show the common threats that are associated with small businesses and finally describe the strategies that will provide assurance in information security for small businesses. Current information security landscape of small businesses Small businesses are currently faced by contradicting opportunities and challenges. On one hand, there is the growth and advancement in cloud computing and social media marketing which present an excellent opportunity for small enterprises to market themselves and deliver high quality services to their customers. On the other hand, the growth in these sectors have presented very big challenges in the form of the information systems security of those companies that use them and information overload where small enterprises have very high volumes of information which they may not
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