The Customer Service Experience – Striving For Quality

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THE CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE – STRIVING FOR QUALITY SERVICE Linda Holland-Blackwell American Public University System Abstract The Customer Service Experience plays a key role in communicating the culture of your business and services. Customer service is communicated to customers through employee’s appearance, their interaction, knowledge, skill, and attitude. Managers, supervisors, and/or team leader are to provide the information, skills, and support to provide quality service to customers, “In other words, for customer service to be successful it must be managed successfully” (Martin, 2011, pg. 1). Customers want is value for the money along with effective, efficient service. This paper will discuss the…show more content…
Stopping by Wendy’s, my order was timely and correct, but the cashier was not smiling displayed an impersonal attitude. Making the statement: I am just doing my job, my I take your order? “You are number one. We are here to process you as efficiently as we can.” (Martin, 2001, pg. 7) The personal and procedural side are both a part of the factory customer service arena. “Service may be fast and efficient, but it’s also unfriendly and insensitive to customers’ human needs” (Martin, 2001, pg. 7). The scenario has a potential for quality customer service, but the staff needs additional training. Gathering customer feedback provides customer reactions to their service experiences. “Use vital feedback systems that not only help you pinpoint weak links in the service-delivery system, but also provide a vehicle for reinforcing and rewarding quality service behaviors” (Martin, 2001, pg. 13). In the scenario, the expectation of quality service requires a need for better-trained customer service providers. Scenario III. Taking my car in for a major repair costing $580, the mechanic was friendly and the owner of the repair shop. After replacing my oil pan gasket, I had to return to the repair shop three times in two weeks, my car has not operated right since. The failure to fulfill my expectations lead to my dissatisfaction in the business. I see this as “the friendly zoo” approach to service…” (Martin, 2001, pg. 8). I felt that I was not treated fairly or honestly,
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