The Dangers Of Cell Phones To Our Society

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Cell phones are a terrible distraction and should play a lesser part in our society. The term distraction does not only apply to the average American classroom, but also to the drivers, young and old, paving an addiction for the future generations to ride on. There have been several attempts at lessening the level of interference. The creation of hands-free phone calls was a major development in the process of making communicating while driving safer. Revised cellphone policies among school districts also shows the adaptations being made to include these electronic wonders. These may help to decrease the amount of trouble these portable guillotines cause. But all that glitters is not gold. These things used to be our toys, now they've become like a pacemaker to the common man. We, as a society, have become so dependent on them that they have become a necessity to live. Most people, when having their cellphone taken away, could not function. They would be lost, stressed, and falling to pieces without their beloved phone and their technology centered fix. The truth is not pretty. I myself wouldn’t want to give up my phone, but the fact of the matter is that cellphones are a nuisance to the efficiency and attention-grabbing aspects of our culture. Cellphones are one of the most distracting things known to man. Whether you're sitting in class taking notes or driving home from a long day's work, your cellphone is most likely to be in your hand or within reach. The close

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